How to Make Karaoke Songs with AI.

Learn how to make karaoke songs with AI. With the assistance of Vocal Remover you can easily create karaoke tracks by removing vocals from songs. Upon selecting a song, the power of artificial intelligence will seamlessly separate the vocals from the instrumental elements. As a result, you will receive two distinct tracks: a karaoke version of your song devoid of vocals and an acapella version with isolated vocals.

Make Karaoke Songs with Vocal Remover

vocal remover AI

Just select a file on your computer and the AI algorithm will separate the voice and the music.

After a minute you can download 3 files: one with only the music, one with only the voice and one with both (but you can alter the volume of the voice and the music).

Tips and Tricks for creating karaoke songs with AI.

If you can still hear some voices after one pass, you can upload that file and pass it through to remove any left over vocals.

Vocal Remover Review.

Vocal remover  is a free, very easy to use tool. The results are certainly good enough to make karaoke versions of your favourite songs, or even create remixes of that original song. It may not be good enough for professional music producers, they might find some undesired vocal residue in the resulting file.

Remember that these karaoke versions are for personal use only. Copyright  laws still apply and  in most cases you are not able to monetize the karaoke versions you make. 

For creating remixes of songs, copyright rules also apply for the use of samples in new versions of existing songs.