Only The Best AI Storytelling Tools.

Gone are the days of struggling to find the right words, battling writer’s block, or spending countless hours crafting the perfect story. Welcome to the era of AI-powered writing, where the art of storytelling has been transformed, and the barriers to creativity have been shattered.

Discover The Very Best AI Storytelling Tools and Learn How to Use Them:

Insta Novel: Mini novels with illustrations. is a tool that leverages Chat GPT and Dall-E  technology to produce mini novels complete with stunning illustrations using a simple text input. It offers free access to users, though with a limit of one book per person.
Output can be seen on a mini website and consists of 4-5 chapters. 
Learn how to write a novel with AI.


We made a story: Originate children’s stories.

We made a story creates original bedtime stories for children. All you have to do is provide a brief idea, and the AI will do the rest, crafting a captivating story complete with illustrations and an audio narration to accompany your child as they drift off to sleep.
Go to the We Made A Story website.

Subtxt: AI-powered storytelling.

Subtxt is a writing app that uses AI text-generation capabilities and predictive narrative frameworks to help writers generate meaningful text and complete stories. It includes an AI assistant, collaborative brainstorming tools, and unique narrative structures to make stories more engaging for readers.
Go to the Subtxt website.

Sudowrite: Bust writer’s block.

Sudowrite is a writing assistance platform that utilises artificial intelligence technology to assist writers in overcoming creative blocks and refining their work. The tool offers a wealth of resources aimed at improving overall writing style and features a unique “Show, not tell” button that offers guidance on how to incorporate vivid and descriptive language into the writing. 
Go to the Sudowrite website.

Bedtimestories: Craft wonderful bedtime stories.

Bedtimestories generates customised bedtime stories for your child in just seconds with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Personalise the story by including your child and family members as characters, selecting a preferred genre, story style, moral, and more, to create a unique and captivating tale.
Go to the Bedtimestory website.

Dreamily: Create your own story.

Dreamily is an AI-powered writing tool that enables users to effortlessly craft compelling stories, vivid worlds and dynamic characters. It features collaborative writing models, customisable sentence length, and the option to share your creations as images.With Dreamily, you can bring your own unique universe to life by creating story backgrounds, defining character profiles, and establishing inter-character relationships, all of which the tool will remember and assist you in building upon.
Go to the Dreamily website.

Magic Book: Never-ending AI-powered customised stories.

Maigic Book is a cutting-edge app that offers an unparalleled experience in personalised storytelling. This app harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create unique and customised stories that cater to the individual needs of each user. Whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad or Mac device, Maigic Book offers an effortless and engaging way to get lost in the world of your imagination. 
Go to the Maigic website.

AI Screenwriter: Supercharge your screenplay.

AI ScreenWriter offers a faster and more efficient screenwriting process with the help of an advanced technology created by film industry insiders. This industry secret tool can set your creativity free by assisting you in brainstorming, structuring, and writing your story while providing valuable insights and suggestions from the AI. 
Go to the AI ScreeWriter website.

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