Only The Best AI Song Generators.

Imagine having the ability to transform your voice into that of a captivating singer, effortlessly hitting high notes and delivering powerful performances. With AI singing voice generating tools you can also input a text and let the AI do the singing for you. Now, your dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter powerhouse are within reach.

Discover The Very Best AI Song Generators
and Learn How To Use Them:

Suno: Make a song from text.

Suno is an amazing song maker tool that allows you to create short songs by just entering a description. You can make it in any genre and even in different languages. You can enter your own lyrics or you can let it write them for you. Although results are not yet at super professional quality, the songs are often a blast to make and the overal experience of making AI songs is amazingly satisfying. You can try it for free. 
How to make a song with AI using Suno. 


Udio: Text to song generator.

Udio is another great song generator that makes it possible to create short songs with just a prompt. Basically it offers the same capabilities as Suno, except you have some more possibilities to extend your creations and many say that the overal sound quality is superior. You can try Udio for free. 
How to generate AI songs with Udio.

Synthesizer V: Singing voice replicator.

Synthesizer V is a cutting-edge music production tool that utilises an advanced deep neural network-based synthesis engine to produce highly realistic singing voices. It offers a range of customisation options, including AI pitch generation, an unlimited number of tracks, VST3/AU plugin support, and support for multiple operating systems and languages. The tool also includes features such as a MIDI keyboard, metronome, and script support, making it a powerful tool for musicians and producers.
How to create your song with Synthesizer V.

Voice Mod: Your meme to song machine.

Voice Mod is a platform that transforms text into a song, utilising natural language processing. With options to select various music styles and instruments, and the ability to tweak parameters such as tempo, key, and dynamics, users can create unique, high-quality songs. The final product can be easily exported as an audio file and shared online.
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