Creative AI Projects.

On this page you will find a list of creative AI projects and content realised with the use of artificial intelligence.
Some of them were created by AI artists while others were created by traditional artists using new technology.

Get Inspired by the Most Creative AI Projects:

Various Artists: Terminator 2 remake with AI.

A groundbreaking feature-length parody remake of Terminator 2 has been collaboratively crafted by 50 exceptionally skilled artists in the field of artificial intelligence. This project signifies a revolutionary phase in cinema, showcasing the potential of machines to generate entire movies. Watch the trailer on their website

Corridor Digital: Creating an Anime with AI.

The awesome guys at Corridor Digital are experts in visual effects and have created many memorable viral videos using visual effects tools. This time around they turned life footage into an Anime using AI.

Matt Wolfe: Creating a 2D Platform Game.

Matt Wolfe is a YouTube creator specialised in new technology. Since the rise of AI, he makes mostly videos about new AI applications, one of the most interesting being the creation of a 2D platform game from scratch.

Mindstorm: Creating a YouTube Channel with AI Characters.

The YouTube Channel Mindstorm regularly uploads videos about AI. He uses Artificial Intelligence to write the scripts, create the backgrounds, design and animate the characters and their voices. So creating entertaining YouTube content with AI.

Linkin Park: "Lost" music video.

On february 2023, the rock band Linkin Park, released a new music video for their song “Lost”, mostly created with AI. To be precise, they used the animation tool Kaiber to realize the manga style animations. Linkin Park “Lost”