Only The Best AI Animation Tools.

Gone are the days of painstakingly hand-drawing frame by frame or relying on complex software to bring your animations to life. Welcome to the era of AI-powered animation, where creativity knows no bounds and the process is easier than ever before. Discover the power of AI and experience a revolution in animation creation.

Discover The Very Best AI Animation Tools
and Learn How To Use Them:

DI-D: Create videos from photos.

D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio is a generative AI-powered tool for businesses and content creators that generates talking avatars with just a touch of a button. Utilising the latest AI technology, the studio creates talking avatars from images, audio or text. The company also offers Live Portrait and Speaking Portrait products, allowing users to create videos from photos and talking head videos from text or audio, respectively.
Go to the D-ID website.


SpiritMe: Make a clone of yourself.

SpiritMe lets you scan yourself and then create videos of yourself by just entering text. The videos contain natural looking facial expressions and body movements including emotions. Generate realistic videos with yourself talking about anything without having to record it. You will have to set up your camera, lights, background and sound equipment only once. Make unlimited videos afterwards by just entering text.
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Omniverse: Turn audio into facial animation.

Omniverse Audio2Face is a user-friendly software by Nvidia that facilitates the creation of facial animations for 3D characters in real-time. It comes with a preloaded 3D character model that can be animated using a voice-over track. The software employs a pre-trained Deep Neural Network to drive the 3D vertices of the character mesh, allowing users to control the emotions of the character.
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Monster Mash: Turn a 2D drawing into 3D animation.

Monster Mash is an innovative sketch-based modelling and animation tool that enables users to easily sketch a character, transform it into 3D, and animate it quickly. All interactions can be performed within the sketching plane, eliminating the need for complicated 3D manipulation.
Learn how to make an animation with Monster Mash.

Genmo: Create moving art from text.

Genmo is a platform for creating and sharing interactive, immersive generative art. First, generate an image by entering a few text prompts. Genmo will generate art and then turn that static image into a flowing, moving image. Much like an animated Gif, but the output is an MP4.
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Rokoko: Motion capture with your webcam.

Rokoko provides a variety of motion capture tools and services to enable users to create more realistic and immersive animations. The tools range from full performance capture, Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves and Face Capture, to the free Rokoko Video tool which allows users to animate with their webcam in minutes. Real-time tracking is also available to further enhance the animation experience.
Go to the Rokoko website. From text, audio or blog to video and animation. enables users to make professional-quality videos quickly and effortlessly. Simply paste your text in the script editor and watch as the AI selects the most relevant assets. Additionally, it allows you to instantly convert your blog posts into videos and repurpose audio files into engaging videos with the power of AI. By using keywords, you can assist the AI in selecting highly accurate assets and even regenerate videos with a new context.
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Artflow: Generate characters and backgrounds. is a tool for creating animated stories using AI-generated characters, scenes, dialogue, and assets, with access to millions of user-generated assets and support for non-English languages. It features advanced features such as Portraits 2.0, New Images, and Video Studio.
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