How to Make a Song With AI.

Learn how to make a song with AI by just describing it. You will not believe what you can make by just entering text. Generate songs in any genre, with any lyrics, in just a few seconds. 

How to Make Songs with Suno.


I started my Suno journey with a few free try-outs. I was so impressed and enthusiastic that I upgraded to the paid plan immediately so that I could generate 5000 songs in one month for only 10 bucks. 

Having several audiovisual projects in need of music with commercial rights, I generated soundtracks, dance anthems and rock hits for all my projects. 

I even published my own Flamenco Fusion Vacation Soundtrack album on Soundcloud, just like I always dreamt of. Will it be a success? Probably not and it doesn’t have to. Just the ability to make it was an incredibly gratifying experience. (Link below)
Here are some tips to make your Suno experience the best it can be.

Tips and Tricks for Making Songs with Suno.

Automatic song creation.

This is music creation fast and easy. Just describe the song you want, including a musical style and a subject for the automatic lyric generation. The AI model will generate 2 songs. Both will have the exact same lyrics but they wil have different voices and sound.

Sometimes, some of the words you use to describe the musical style, may end up in the generated lyrics as well.
Feel free to experiment and change some words in your description.

Prompting lyrics in custom mode.

Working in Custom Mode allows you to insert your own lyrics or insert a subject and letting the AI generate your lyrics.
You could also use other AI chat bots like Chat GPT to write your lyrics or you can write them yourself.

The automatic generated lyrics of every song are available to read, edit and copy. You can reuse the prompt of a generated song that you like whenever you want.

You will notice that automatic generated lyrics contain tags within brackets like this: [Verse] or [Chorus].

When prompting lyrics, you can make use of the following tags:

[start] [Intro] [Verse] [Chorus] [Bridge] [Pre-chorus]
(record scratching)
[Drum Solo] [Guitar Solo] [Intense Guitar Outro] [guitar, outro][outro] [End]
(write lyrics here) – backup singers

Entering lyrics containing just a few words or a couple of sentences may force the program to fill in more by itself, resulting in gibberish.

Extending generated songs.

At the time of writing this article, Suno generates songs with a maximum duration of 2 minutes, often less.
Sometimes it doesn’t deliver a finished track, ending the song abruptly. 

Luckily, you can select a song and extend it. The AI model will generate two new songs that will start at that point. These new versions may include a satisfying ending or go on for two minutes and also end abruptly.

Suno does not include editing capabilities so you will have to download your creations and stitch them together in some other audio (or video) editing tool.

Saving thousands of songs.

Hit the 3 little dots next to a song and hit download. You can choose between Audio that will create an mp3. Or you can choose video that will generate a simple mp4 video with an image and the lyrics.

If you are going to generate 5000 songs, you beter start naming them from the beginning. Fill in the title field before you generate them so you can identify them later.

What about Copyright?

When creating songs with Suno, you are not able to use the names of artists in your prompts. It is not possible to clone a voice or generate a new song from an existing band. However, you could use AI chat bots like Chat GPT to describe the sound and musical style of a certain artist and use that description (or parts of it) in your Suno prompt to get very close. Personally, I would suggest not to do this. The power of Suno lies in allowing you to be creative and make something new and unique.

You will not own the rights to the songs you generated for free.
You will own the rights and be able to monetise every song you create with their paid plans.

Suno Review.

Suno is not yet good enough to replace human singers and musicians. It is capable of generating nice tunes for fun like a ringtone or a unique custom made birthday song.

Sometimes voices and instruments sound quite good, other times they sound somewhat artificial, flat and in general low quality. 

You may get away with using Suno songs in the background or as a soundtrack for your social media videos, but not as a serious stand-alone professional artistic effort. 

It can be used by professionals in the early stages of songwriting for inspiration but if you are seriously planning to publish and monetise your creations, you will have to turn your Suno creation into something better the traditional way.

That being said, these tools will get beter over time and Suno is not only one of the first ones, it is also one of the best ones at this time.

Overal, Suno is an amazing experience for those who are not musicians but have tunes in their minds that need to come out somehow.


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Creative Project Ideas:

-Design the album cover with AI Graphic tools like Ideogram.
-Use photo editing tools to enhance the generated song image.
-Make a music video with AI video generators.
-Design your artist persona with
avatar creators.