How to Edit Images with AI.

On this page you can learn how to edit images with one single AI tool. There are a lot of AI art generators and photo editing tools out there. If you get tired of going from one tool to another, there is a solution. Hotpot is an all-in-one tool for graphic designers that uses artificial intelligence to edit images.

Editing Images With Hotpot.


With the Hotpot AI tools you can create amazing graphics, pictures, and text. They will ignite creativity and streamline repetitive tasks, while user-friendly templates empower individuals to effortlessly design device mockups, social media posts, marketing images, app icons, and various other graphics for their projects.

What You Can do with AI Image Editor Hotpot.

Art Generator.

Generate images by entering a prompt and choosing a style, just like Dall-E.

Headshot Generator.

You only need to upload 5 photos of yourself and the AI will generate dozens op different profile photos.

Object Remover.

Remove any unwanted object or person from a photograph.

AI Sparkwriter.

Generate a text by entering a prompt, just like in Chat GPT.

Picture Colorizer.

Turn black and white images into colorful images. Works best with old photographs.

Background remover.

The AI is trained to recognise people and products. After you uploaded a picture, the AI will remove the background.

Picture Restorer.

Restore old, fuzzy, scratched photographs. It works on black and white, as well as on color images.

Photo Upscaler and Face Enhancer.

Increase the resolution of an image. Works on all kinds of images.

Art Personaliser

Change a picture into any artistic style.

File Translator.

Translate the text inside a iOS, Android, JSON or SRT file to another language.

And many more…

All-in-one AI Image Editor. Hotpot Review.

Hotpot offers a few services for free in low resolution. If you really want to use it professionally, you will have to pay for each job separately. All those small transactions will eventually ad up.
You have  the convenience of having all the tools under one roof, but you pay the price for that.

Having more than a couple of Hotpot tabs open in my browser slowed down my computer dramatically.

Also I am not convinced abut the output quality. It looks like many times, a dedicated free tool can often yield better results. Correct me if I am wrong, I would like to hear your opinion.