How to Make Videos with AI.

Learn how to make videos with AI and create social media posts, presentations and ads.
With Pictory you can easly make good looking videos fast and esay.

Make AI Videos with Pictory.

AI video creator Pictory

With Pictory, you have four ways to create videos: Script to Video, Article to Video, Edit Videos Using Text, and Visuals to Video. Each method provides versatile options to produce compelling and effective mobile videos for various platforms.

Just write down your message and the AI will find royalty-free videos, photos and music to generate your video. It can also generate an AI voice that narrates your text as a voiceover and it can also ad subtitles automatically.

You can edit your video by simply editing your text and you can generate short videos by just selecting a portion of your long video.

Tips and Tricks for making AI videos with Pictory.

Aim for 15 seconds or less for your mobile videos. Viewers tend to lose interest in lengthy content.
You only have approximately 3 seconds to capture the audience’s attention. Make sure to feature the most eye-catching visual at the beginning of your video to increase engagement.
Highlight your brand identity and logo early in the video to reinforce your brand message and connect with your audience.

Since a significant percentage of viewers hold their phones vertically, using both vertical and square formats will ensure your video covers more screen area. Use 4:5 vertical ads for optimal performance across Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network.

Incorporate captions into your videos to increase viewership, as 80% of consumers are more likely to watch a video to completion if captions are available.

Pictory Review.

Pictory  is not a video generating tool but more os a video editing tool. Not so much suited for generating creative or artistic videos, but rather presentations and ads. Ideal for content creators, it excels in making content for social media.

Pictory runs on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about file size and memory. You can run it on almost any computer without downloading any software.