How to Craft Game Assets with AI.

Learn How to Craft Game Assets with AI using Scenario, an AI image generator with trainable models designed with the creation of unique but consistent assets for your games.

How to craft game assets with Scenario.

Crafting game assets with Scenario

Instantaneously craft flawlessly crafted game assets through custom AI generators, honed by your artistic vision. 

Train once, adapt endlessly, and deploy effortlessly. From initial concepts to development and even the generation of promotional materials. Harness the Power of Cross-Platform AI Effortlessly incorporate the API to enhance player-driven content within your games, while upholding uniformity and authority. Make use of the connections with game engines. Construct boundless, tailor-made AI models that impeccably match your titles’ artistic direction.

Tips and Tricks for Crafting Game Assets with Scenario.

Simply compile your training data – encompassing characters, props, backgrounds, and conceptual artwork – and securely upload it. Initiate the process and cultivate distinctive AI generators from any device, hassle-free. The potential is boundless. Equipped with advanced attributes like Composition Control and Pixel-Perfect Inpainting, Scenario provides you with an entire arsenal to fine-tune outputs. Randomized prompts are now a thing of the past.

Whether you’re refining facial expressions, surroundings, attire, or seasons, generate limitless variations without sacrificing preferred elements. The Scenario GenAI Engine prioritizes its API-first design and can seamlessly merge with diverse workflows, design software, game engines like Unity, or even within the games themselves.

Scenario Review.

Scenario does not make 3D models of your assets. You get 2D imagery that can be used in the process of making a game. From concept art to backgrounds.
It’s more like a AI art generator, specially configured to generate art for games.
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