How to Write a Novel with AI.

The first step when writing a novel with AI is the outline. InstaNovel is an AI text and image generator that can help you write a short novel with illustrations. In the back end, text is generated with Chat GPT and the images with Dall-E. You can use it to get inspiration for your masterpiece or just to have some fun.

Write a short novel with


1- Enter a simple prompt.

2- Select an art style for the illustrations.

3- Enter your e-mail.

4- When your novel is ready, you will receive an e-mail with a link to your online novel.

Tips and Tricks for Writing a Novel with AI.

Prompting for novel generation.

It’s very important to use a good prompt. You can use up to 300 characters to do this. Try to include as much information as possible.

The End result

The link you get via e-mail leads to a mini-website with 4-5 chapters with images 
you can only make one novel for free. 

Sharing your novel.

You can share that link on social media. It is not possible to download or print your book yet.

Things to come.

They are working on multiple languages and the ability to print your book.

Chat with Instanovel Review.

InstaNovel offers a quick and easy way to create a short novel or the first outline of your big novel. It can be handy for the first steps but you will need more tools to create a serious Novel.

The resulting novel is enough for a children’s bedtime story for instance but technically you can not sell it online as a digital book nor as a print on demand product because you only have a link to a website. 

If you were to make screenshots of the webpages the book is on, you would have jpg’s with the text and the images.