How to Turn a Drawing into an Animation with AI.

Learn how to turn a drawing into an animation with AI using Monster Mash. d

Turn a 2D drawing into a 3D animation with Monster Mash.

Monster Mash AI animator

Import a template if you wish to turn a previous design into a 3D model or start drawing from scratch.

Once your simple drawing is finished, hit the Inflate button. This will turn your 2D drawing into a 3D model.

Now hit the animate button. You can now assign points in your drawing like feet, hands, arms, legs…

Now that the skeleton of your monster is rigged, you can create simple animations. Hit the record button and move a red point you created earlier. Repeat this process for every point.


Tips and Tricks for turning a drawing into an animation.

Use a template to make a drawing, this can also be a photo. The pattern and colors of the original image will transfer over to the 3D model.

You can export your model as a  .obj or .gITF file and import that into Blender.

Monster Mash Review.

Monster Mash is very easy to use and its a lot of fun seeing your drawing come to life. That being said, the end result is often clunky and of low resolution. Maybe not suited to create a main character for your triple A video game, but maybe good enough for concept design or a character in the background.