How to make 3D models from photos with AI.

Learn how to make 3D models from photos with AI. Scan an object or environment with your phone and turn it into a 3D model that can be used for anything. These captures play a pivotal role in various professional 3D workflows. They find utility in applications such as floor plans, architectural renderings, visual effects, filmmaking, 3D art, and scene construction, among others.

Make 3D models from photos with Polycam.

Polycam 3D model scanner

Photo Mode transforms each iPhone and Android device into the foundation of an influential photogrammetry process. This mode enables you to intricately capture your surroundings.

Opt for Photo Mode for rapid creation of top-notch 3D models and the option to share them with the global Polycam community through the Explore feed. These models prove beneficial for tasks like scene construction, game design, and VFX.

Through the Polycam web app, you have the flexibility to upload images taken from various devices, including professional cameras and drones.

360 Mode is a new method to create 360 panoramas and skyboxes effortlessly.

You also have the ability to craft AR videos that seamlessly integrate captures with your surroundings.


Tips and Tricks for scanning 3D models with Polycam.

You need good and consistent lighting to create good models. If you scan outside or use natural light from a window while scanning inside, clouds can influence your lighting and have a negative effect on your result. Using softbox lights to light your object is a good idea, avoid direct sunlight.

Your object or scene must remain still during scanning, therefore, scanning moving people or animals is a big challenge.
The idea is to make pictures from all angles, but instead of moving your phone around the model, you can put your phone on a fixed position and put the model on a rotating platform, like a turntable for instance. This way you can put the model in front of a white wall or place white paper behind your model. this will make it easier for Polycam to cut out your model.
You can crop your model afterwards to get rid of undesirable elements in the background.

When scanning an object by taking photos, the recommended amount of photos is 80. Make sure to also take some close up shots for more details.

Polycam Review.

It is not easy to get good results with Polycam on the first try. You need patience and you might have to try several times before you get a decent model.

. LIDR scanning only works on IOS Pro devices. This includes iPhones Pro and iPad Pro.

This tool may not be suited for the first time novice for casual use, but once they get the hang of it, it can offer some substantial benefits for professional users like contractors, interior designers, and architects.

With the free plan you can download your model as a GLTF file format or a video. With the paid plan, you can also export it as OBJ, FBX, DAE, STIL, PLY, LAS, PTS, XYZ, DXF and Blueprint.