How to Generate Voices with AI.

There are many text to speech tools out there but ElevenLabs is considered the best one by many. Here you can learn how to generate voices for your videos, games, audiobooks and chatbots in any style or language.

How to Generate Voices with ElevenLabs.

elevenlabs ai voice generator

Speech Synthesis (text to speech)
This is where type in a text and the AI will turn it into a talking voice.

Voice Lab. (create a voice)
-Voice Design.
In this section, you have the opportunity to design a brand-new voice. Choose a gender, age, accent, and the strength of the accent to customize your unique voice.

-Clone a voice
Clone a voice by using a pristine sample recording. Ensure that the samples feature a single speaker, are over 1 minute in length, and free from any background noise.

Voice Library (use other voices)
Use a voice created by someone else in the community.

Tips and Tricks for generating voices with ElevenLabs.


Enhancing variability in speech can add more expressiveness to the output, resulting in different results between re-generations. However, this approach may also introduce instabilities.

On the other hand, increasing stability will create a more consistent voice between re-generations, but it may lead to a slightly monotonous sound. For longer text fragments, it is advised to lower this value to achieve better results.

Clarity + Similarity

For situations where background artifacts are present in the generated speech, it is recommended to use low values.


Please be aware of some limitations: certain numbers and symbols may currently be mispronounced. To achieve the best results, it is advised to spell them out. Additionally, if the text exceeds 1000 characters, the generated speech may become unstable.

ElevenLabs Review.

One aspect that stood out to me is the option for free tier subscribers to access this fantastic tool. The requirement to attribute ElevenLabs by including “” or “” in the title when publishing content is a small gesture to show appreciation for their service.

For paid accounts, the commercial use license for content generated with default voices is a fantastic perk. It allows me to utilize the generated content freely without the need for any attributions.

The billing system based on character quota per-request rather than per-download is highly convenient. It ensures that I am charged only for the characters used in each specific request, providing a transparent and cost-effective approach.

Though unused characters do not roll over into the next month, the subscription’s automatic renewal with each billing cycle ensures a seamless experience. And for those who decide to upgrade to a higher plan, the bonus of rolling over unused characters from the previous plan into the next billing cycle is a wonderful incentive.