How to Generate Music with AI.

Stop searching for the song you need, create it. Learn wow to generate music with AI using Soundraw. Make music for your videos, podcasts and games fast and easy. No matter what genre, tempo, mood or instruments you want, select and generate dozens of great music for your creative projects.

How to Generate Music with Soundraw.

AI Music Generator Soundraw

Choose the length and set the tempo of your song.

To start generating, either choose a mood, a genre or a theme. The AI will now generate 15 songs for you.

If you don’t like any of them, you can change instruments, style and mood. Soundraw will generate 15 new songs with your new settings.

Choose the song you like and start tweaking the structure. With a paid plan you can now download your music and use it commercially.

Tips and Tricks for Generating Music with Soundraw.

Set the duration of your music.

The default song duration is 3 minutes. You can set it up to 5 minutes and shorten the song later in your own editing software if needed.

Batch downloading your generated music.

You can create as many songs as you want for as long as you want and save your work for free.
Once you have created a substantial library of songs, you can get the payed plan for one month and download all you work at once.

Soundraw Review.

Soundraw is very easy to use and the generated music is good enough for in the background of videos, podcasts and games. 

The amount of control you have over the generated song is somewhat limited, If you are looking for tools to create really good songs, you might need use some other tools as well.