How to Generate Business Ideas with AI.

‘A million dollar idea’ is a business idea generator that will help you come up with ideas to make money in your industry. It will deliver 10 basic concepts that you can use to elaborate on with other AI Tools.

Tutorial: Generate a Million Dollar Business Idea with AI.

A million dollar idea

It’s very easy to use: Choose the industry that is closest to yours and click on Submit. After a minute or so, the AI will come up with 10 basic examples of low starting cost and highly profitable business ideas.

Choose the idea, or combination of several ideas that resonate the most and elaborate on that with other AI tools.

 You can use this tool is for free. You don’t need to log in, give your e-mail or create an account, ideal for those who value privacy and secrecy. 


Million Dollar Business Idea Review.

I am not sure if Million Dollar Business Idea is a real AI tool because the possible results are definite.
As mentioned, you can elaborate on an idea with other other AI Idea generating tools.
Please let me know how it went and if you found this tool helpful.
Good luck with your business!