How to Generate AI Songs.

Here I will show you how to generate AI songs with Udio. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to make a song, you must try out Udio. Many claim that this is the very best AI song generator

How to Generate a Song with Udio.


After the release of the first AI song generators, Udio suddenly changed the landscape with their spectacular AI song generating model, witch many claim is the very in town. 

Although it certainly delivers great results, I find it difficult to agree to the statement above. Udio and Suno are very similar. Both are truly remarkable tools and in my opinion one is not significantly better than the other. I bet that the one you will like the most, will be the one you try first.
Here are some tips to make great songs with Udio.

Tips and Tricks for Generating Songs with Udio.

Manual mode.

By default, manual mode is disabled. This means that the AI will alter your prompt a bit in the process to generate better results. If you don’t want this to happen, you can activate manual mode to generate very specific sounds.

Entering custom lyrics.

Write your lyrics yourself, or with the help of a AI chat bots like Chat GPT.
You can use tags to define the components and structure of your song like [Drop] [guitar solo] [sax solo] [Verse] [Bridge] [Chorus] 

Write your lyrics in 5-7 lines , depending on the speed of your song.

Extending and editing a generated song.

Initially, Udio only generates the first 33 seconds of a song. If you like what you hear, you can add new sections to make it longer or a finish it with an ending.

Extensions also generate two different songs to choose from. These extensions are added to the original beginning automatically. You get a finished song, no editing or stitching together needed. 

Downloading songs.

Hit the 3 little dots next to a song and hit download. You can only download an mp3, no video download capability. A unique title will be aded to the track automatically.

What about Copyright?

You can not clone voices or generate a new song from an existing artist. Udio does not permit the use of names of artists in the prompt, instead it will automatically turn that name in a couple of music genre tags and generate a song in that style. The point here is to be creative and make something original.

Udio is still in Beta testing fase and is free to use. There is no information about the legal ownership of the generated songs on their website. Therefore, I will assume that we don’t get the commercial rights as long as they are generated for free.

Udio Review.

Udio can generate amazing sounding songs and the expand features are very easy to use. I also like the fact the the generated song is competed, no editing needed afterwards.

The sound quality is often slightly better than its competitors but generating a song also takes a bit longer.

Overall, Udio can also deliver a fantastic experience and great sounding results.
Try it for free now.

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