How to generate a 3D model from text with AI.

The time of meticulously sculpting every single 3D model is behind us. Learn how to generate a 3D model from text using AI. Latent Labs offers you the opportunity to generate complete 3D models by just describing it in a prompt.

Learn how to generate a 3D model from text with Latent Labs.

LatentLabs AI 3D model generator

Latent Labs offers 2 basic functions:
You can generate a 3D model by just  entering a description.

You can reimagine an image by uploading it and entering a prompt describing the new look.

If you don’t succeed in generating a model as you want it, you can browse the community creations and download a model made by someone else.

Tips and Tricks for Generating 3D Models with Latent Labs.

Reimagining an image takes some time, have patience.

Some of the models available for download are in a .OBJ file with missing texture. You can generate a new model using that same prompt and download that as a .GLB file.

Latent Labs Review.

Although it is very easy to use Latent Labs is certainly not the very best of its kind. And it doesn’t have to. The models generated are good enough for small games or for assets in the background.