How to Design a Space with AI.

Learn to design a space with AI and turn your house into a dream home. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, even your backyard can get a turnover. Upload a picture of the current spaceĀ  and let artificial intelligence from REimagineHome do the heavy lifting.

How to Design a Space with REimagineHome.

Design a space with ReImagineHome AI

Log in and upload a good picture of the space you want to remodel.

If you choose advanced options, the AI will add a mask. It will choose what part of the picture should stay like it is and what part should be changed. You can modify that mask yourself if you want to.

Next, specify what the uploaded picture is by choosing one of the options.

Then pick the design theme of what it should become.
During the last step, you get to add a prompt to tell the AI what you want.

Tips and Tricks for Designing a Space with AI.

Make sure to use high quality photos to start with, preferably made with a wide angle.

The AI will generate 3 versions. If you don’t like any of them, simply regenerate for 3 new versions.

Experiment with the prompt for different results.

REimagineHome Review.

REimagineHome is a fun way to start your redesign journey. By no means will the result be enough for an architect to get started, technical drawings will still be needed for big renovations. But you will be able to get a sense of what you want and the resulting images might be enough for an interior designer and a landscaper to get started.

The free version gets you low resolution images with a watermark that can still be used in the early design stages. If you want the good stuff, consider buying credits.