How to Design a Logo with AI.

Designing a good logo is not easy. On this page you can learn how to design a logo with AI. is an artificial intelligence tool that generates logos based on the information you give it.

How to Design a Logo with

How to design a logo with AI: MakelogoAI

1- Fill in the name of your project, a description of your project, the logo requirements and your e-mail.

2- The tool will offer you 6 written concept ideas for your logo.

3- You can choose to generate more concepts or select one and proceed to check out.

4- At check out you can pay 9.99 dollars to receive your logos in high quality or you can open the sample brandbook.

Extra Tips and Tricks for Designing Logos with

Prompting for a good logo.

Make sure  you enter good descriptions for you logo. It’s worth to take a while and think about this. Entering the right description will enhance your chances of generating the perfect logo for your project.

Download the Sample Brandbook.

Make sure to examine the sample brandbook you get for free, right before check out.
This brandbook is a pdf document that you can visit online. You get a link to this pdf. Save that link for later reference.

You can also download that brandbook and save it on your computer. The brandbook contains 100+ logos. The designs are small and in low resolution. When you open the pdf, you are not able to download the individual logos but it is possible to make a screenshot. Review.

As I see it, this tool can be used in two scenarios:

-You are a designer and you need inspiration. The free sample brandbook will offer you hundreds of ideas to build upon for free.

-You are not a designer and you need a logo for your project fast. Can you hire a designer to generate more than 100 logos in a few minutes for just $9.99? generates a lot of beautiful logos very fast. It’s easy to use and very affordable.