How to Create Historical Avatars with AI

Ever wondered how you would look like in medieval times or as a cowboy? My Heritage is actually dedicated to genealogy. You can reveal your unique ethnic background and match you with newfound relatives. But, as a side project, they launched Time Machine, an AI tool that allows you to generate profile pictures of yourself in various time periods.

How to Create Historical Avatars with AI Time Machine.

Time machine AI avatar generator by My Heritage

By uploading 10 to 25 photos of yourself, the AI will work its magic to create incredible pictures featuring you.

The process usually involves building the initial model and preparing the AI avatars from your uploaded photos, which can take approximately 30 to 90 minutes. Rest assured, you’ll receive an email notification once your images are ready.

Feel free to share your impressive results on social media and use them as profile photos to showcase your uniqueness!

Tips and Tricks for generating historical avatars with AI.

The quality of the output you’ll receive is highly dependent on the quality of the photos you upload. For superior results, it’s essential to upload a greater number of photos and ensure they exhibit a wide range of variations.

To achieve the best possible outcome, use photos featuring only one individual consistently throughout. If there are other people prominently visible in your pictures, make sure to crop them out before uploading.

Opt for mostly selfies that showcase different poses and expressions, with varying head angles, and include some upper-body and full-body shots.

To enhance diversity, select photos taken on different days and avoid uploading multiple photos from the same photoshoot in a single setting. You can upload photos taken over a span of up to 3 years for added variety.

Avoid using photos with heavy makeup and sunglasses, and refrain from including pictures of children or explicit content, including those of individuals in swimwear.

For best results, use photos with only one and the same person. If there are other people who appear prominently in your photo, crop them out before uploading.

Use mostly selfies in different poses and expressions, with different head angles and some upper-body and full-body pictures.

Photos taken on different days  and avoid photoshoots of many photos taken in the same setting. It’s fine to upload photos that cover a span of up to 3 years

Avoid heavy makeup and sunglasses. Photos of children or explicit photos, even in swimming gear are not allowed.

AI Time Machine by My Heritage Review.

AI Time Machine, while highly realistic, the images created are simulated by artificial intelligence; they are not authentic photographs. 

As per MyHeritage’s commitment to responsible AI, watermarks are added to all images generated by AI to distinguish them from authentic photos.
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